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A shift to B2B e-commerce doesn’t mean eliminating all personal interaction, so we’re highlighting ways they could merge physical customer service with the digital ordering experience. One solution was to include assisted selling functionality for customer service reps on their website, allowing the rep to mirror the shopper on the website and complete orders on their behalf. By linking each customer’s account to a sales rep, we were able to alert sales staff to customer activity so they could follow up on activities such as abandoned carts with a phone call. Most B2B customers are happy (and prefer) to use digital self-service for simple transactions or to reorder.

But as highlighted above, a new B2B shopper may want to have a digitally-enabled customer service representative to guide them. Through the process. . It’s about what works best for the business and the buyer; we’ve found that talking  South Korea WhatsApp Number List about these fears one by one really helps dispel any lingering doubts on the client’s side. The fact that any project is completely customizable to your client’s needs means that there really isn’t much you can’t overcome with the right strategic talking points. “The fact that any project is completely customizable to your client’s needs means there really isn’t much you can’t overcome with the right strategic talking points.”

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Above all, it should illustrate how much better your new solution will be. Often the brief for a wholesale project to slight improvements to existing processes and functionality. Be prepared to suggest things that go beyond the summary to create an amazing customer experience. Show your experience. You might also like: The Power of Community: How Nurturing Your Network Can Boost Your Business . Are you ready to offer a wholesale channel? wholesale business: readyIf your customers have already identified the importance of wholesale automation and are ready to jump on the B2B eCommerce bandwagon, then there are a few key questions to ask your customer to assess their operational needs and define the scope of the project. Define the problem.


Why is a new platform needed? What are some of the common problems that make life difficult for clients and staff? Once you have defined the problem, the solution you propose can be aligned with it. Define the objectives What will your work be measured on? Companies are likely to measure their work based on sales and operational efficiency, but the exact targets that fit this vary, depending on the nature of the business. Understand the size of the company. Understanding the value and breadth of the wholesale business helps you prioritize requirements. We have had clients who have needed a wholesale website for a single client, while some businesses want a wholesale website to manage.

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small wholesale orders so they can focus on working directly with their large wholesale clients. Being clear about the scale from the beginning is crucial to offer an adequate and effective solution. Identify integration requirements Are there accounting.  Inventory management, fulfillment, and other platforms that need to the wholesale channel? Successful integration is a key factor in your project and must be properly scoped to ensure.  You can deliver on your promises. We will explore some of the obstacles that can occur in the integration phase later in this article. Getting the right team in place If you’ve scoped a project. And require integrations you’ve never worked on before.

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